Zepter World

A Higher Ideal

"We are proud of our products. We are proud of their superior quality, striking design and our advanced technology. We enjoy our work. We respect those who work with us. There is one, most important principle behind all of our actions: your health and beauty."
Philip Zepter, Founder and Chairman
Zepter International is a Swiss, privately owned, multinational company established in 1986 by Mr. Philip Zepter. 

Since its inception, Zepter International has grown into a global multi-branded company that produces, distributes, and sells exclusive, high-quality consumer goods around the world, principally through its own sales network as well as through high-end stores. 

What started as single business unit selling cookware has over the past three decades expanded into 9 manufacturing sites, banking and insurance institutions, real-estate businesses, health centres and luxury hospitality retreats to form the new umbrella - the Zepter Group.

Excellence And Lasting Value

Zepter is not only a brand embodying excellence, but the true passion for a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. With more than 30 years of experience in creating innovative, luxurious and health focused products, Zepter has become an essential part of the lives of millions of people.