Our Mission - Your Health!

Our mission is to empower people to self-care - to get well, be well and stay well by taking charge of their everyday health, and the health of those they love. We support everybody, by providing effective, convenient and innovative health solutions for treating illnesses and improving lives: clean water and air, healthy food preparation and healing medical hyperlight. Today more than ever, everybody needs our products, as the Zepter Mission of Health is the evident solution for bringing fundamental quality to your lives.

This global life-protection campaign is uniquely comprehensive and involves permanent education and employment for new generations of specialist managers, production and distribution of superior restorative products, as well as the analyses and planning and distribution of diverse financing and insurance services.

"Success is a normal outcome of the synergy of a healthy body and a healthy spirit. To be completely healthy, we have to release a majority of our mental and physical potentials. This kind of health is the ultimate achievement, as it is the precondition for all others. There are no limits for the person that accomplishes it.”

Mr. Philip Zepter


Mr. Philip Zepter is not only the founder of the company, but also the founder of the Zepter philosophy - a philosophy of healthy living and perfection, aimed at maintaining the health of present and future generations and solving ecological problems.

It all started from a great and ambitious business idea: love for humankind and passion to succeed. Zepter was established on these foundations, and 35 years on we continue to strive with the same desire for our mission.

“Our products express our vision for the future where the legacy provides the ideas for the development of tomorrow`s technologies. We keep pushing forward, because we know where we want to go and we know how and when to get there. We lead the way because of our constant quest for a new medically and scientifically backed knowledge in the fields of health and beauty.”

Philip Zepter, Founder and Chairman

Our Inspiration

All Zepter products represent an everlasting value, offering complete solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Backed by relentless scientific research and technological developments, the Zepter products are inspired by the miracle of human life and its immense transforming possibilities.
Based on the ancient knowledge, 5 basic elements rule our world: Light, Water, Air, Food and Sleep. Zepter’s main products are based on them:

  • Medically certified BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy System
  • High-end Water and Air Purification Systems
  • World renowned and unrivalled Masterpiece Cookware Range
  • Smart Sleep System solutions
  • Zepter has built a secure bridge between mankind and nature, prompting us to live a healthy life thanks to its wide range of top-quality, life-changing products. We develop innovative products whose unique technologies are based on Nobel Prize winning discoveries, protected with over 700 patents and produced using state of the art manufacturing techniques.